Saturday, 20 June 2009

Sale away Sale away Sale away

There is a fantastic sale going on in my "hood" the WB. Really worth a check out. A lovely lady called Molly who has been a prop stylist and works with in the fashion industry, has put together the best group of designers. She said to me that she just put together all the "stuff" that she herself wanted. By this sale thus proving that she has incredible taste. If you can, you should really stop by, the sale is on till Sunday with hopefully repeat performances by Molly in the near future!

                       Broadway btwn Wythe and Kent in Williamsburg

I love dove dove the the work of Unforeseen Circumstances. From one of the collaborators of Jackson,Johnston&Roe Also a terrific brand that is a part of this sale. Teo has created such an incredible, yet simple and subtly sexy line of lingerie. I once had a dream that I wanted to create a line of under garments and this is almost to a "T" what I imagined. So in a way you could really say Unforeseen Circumstances has made my dream come true! There is not yet a site but you can contact directly at: Because my pics where not fantastic I nicked the third photo from a great blog I discovered while looking for images of this new line. That I will now follow. Check that out as well. Thank you FeatherLovePhotography I hope you don't mind!!

The tops and dresses by Electric Feathers are just to die. A gal could live in these all summer long. So pretty, unique and easy to wear. If I could I would have bought the whole rack. Electric Feathers

Marina Schinder has impeccable victorian pieces that she repairs to pristine condition that are so perfect they are like museum pieces. This is the kind of thing when I was rolling in the dough I would collect and still would if I could.... You can contact her directly at:

Really cool necklaces and bracelets by Steven&William. I spent some time chatting with Donna the wife of one of the Duo of this brand, who is 8+months pregnant and absolutely beautiful and vibrant. She is incredible and full of knowledge from her work in the industry as a stylist and editor. She was explaining to me more of what Steven&William do and when I checked their site I was blown away. You must see for yourself: Steven&William

Really incredible craftsmanship in the pieces by Correll Correll. See more at: CorrellCorrell

Beautiful Pieces by Aesa. Aesa Jewelry

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I just stumbled upon your blog, it's gorgeous! Plus, I love Electric Feathers, love Steven & William and love Miss Donna! -kelly