Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Paris Shops: Les Puces de Saint-Ouen: Les Elleweilles de Babalou

First and foremost, I apologize. I am a terrible, terrible blogger. At least I have been for the past few months. Blame it on summer, blame it on the hustle and bustle of NYC, blame it on me, hell "blame it on the rain". All in all I have no excuses. Well scratch that, maybe I do... For one I moved to LA! Yes you heard me, native NYker, lover of all things European and here I am..... in LA?! In any case I am here and surprisingly very happy to be! I haven't been away long enough to miss NY but I woke up this morning desperately missing Paris! Then I remembered I took my summer blogging hiatus smack dab in the middle of my Paris posts. So if you don't mind (given anyone is reading this) I am going to finish those shop posts from the beloved city of lights, and reminisce about that oh so wonderful trip!!

So we're back at "Les Puces" literally meaning the fleas, as my beloved frenchies refer to it. Which is also a very casual and familiar term of endearment "ma puce" ie: my flea. I think it's too adorable, but I digress.....

So in Les Puces @
There is another incredible shop that you must see. Called Les Elleweilles de Babellou. It's a charming place filled with rare and designer goodies, all impeccably kept and displayed. A feast for the eyes and very possibly famine for the wallet. You'll find almost too many things that are MUST haves.

For me Les Elleweilles de Babalou ended the search for my wedding dress!! Oh wait... No one has yet to ask... Heck I should have bought it anyway. Preparation, preparation, you know?!

I felt like such a girl here. Trinkets and pinks and hats and things. You may want to make your gentlemen friend wait outside as it's a bit of estrogen overload, and you may find yourself involuntarily cooing and ahhhing.
Despite the potential embarrassment of your almost inevedible emotional reaction to all this goodness, you MUST check out Les Elleweilles de Baballou. "Tell Them Taryn Sent You", and be sure to give them a big "ole" bisous from me!!
Happy Drooling!
~taryn xx