Saturday, 13 December 2014

Does Anyone Still Blog?

It's been a little while..... Correction. it's been a LONG while.... Correction..... it's been YEARS.

Since my last post I've moved away from fashion styling as my career. I went back to school to study movement therapy. I am also becoming certified to teach yoga with a concentration on special populations and chronic conditions. I moved from NYC and now live in Oakland CA . I am pretty darn happy with it all. All that being said, I still love fashion! I am still vintage obsessed, fall over myself when I find a gem of a shop, drool over designer vintage and my heart still beats wildly whenever I come across a unique and cost effective find. Call me superficial or material but gosh darn it I do. And....I MISS MY BLOG!  I miss writing. And so, I have decided to start posting again. The question is... Does anyone still blog?? and will you still have me? In any case and for whatever it's worth I have decided to dust off this ole blog site, turn over that new leaf and get back on the ole horse (too many cliche sayings in one sentence for ya? pishaw! you'll get used to it). And so here's to it! Welcome back me! Even if no one's still reading these.....