Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Pina Bausch: Cafe Muller

Sadly this week we are faced with another death of an extremely talented and influential artist. Pina Bausch the groundbreaking German choreographer has passed away. Her unique choreography, oddball humor, use of speech and human movement on stage helped to define a whole new medium in Modern dance. She was a great personal hero of mine. She leaves a legacy of deeply touching and life changing choreography. I am planning a night with my college dance "crew" to watch her old performances together, and then watch old videos of ourselves attempting so desperately to be half as deep, wise or beautiful. Good night sweet Pina..

                                            Pina Bausch: Cafe Muller

Roxette: Must Have Been Love

Please listen to this while you peruse the Post directly following. Coincidently this was also the song I played over and over whilst engulfed in the pain of my first unrequited crush in 7th grade.

Gucci Galore: The Last Stage. Saying Goodbye.

Our once abundant room of Gucci, has been bought, sold and now stripped. What a transformation. We had a blast, we made a lot of women happy. Now it's time to say goodbye, as hard as we may find it, we must say goodbye. Gucci. You will be greatly missed!

Monday, 29 June 2009

Saturday, 27 June 2009

Resort 2010 Continued....

                     I'm all about the leggings with the seam up the front

                                                         Richard Chai

                                                       Costume National
                  looking very Brooklyn hipster girl with the specs and all

Proenza Schouler

"The Gooch"

So I was trying to be all "Zen" about this sale, but seeing all the ladies come in with their beaming faces, buying up all "The Gooch" (as one of my friends clients refers to the Gucci as... Love her!) I couldn't take it anymore. I finally broke and started buying up things for myself. I may be working this sale but it may also serve as the reason I go broke! These are just a few but I plan to get down to some serious business tomorrow when we go HALF PRICE on almost everything!!

               Same ones in brown! They may have to be mine as well.

                                   And this I shall call my "Paris" Coat
                                         Vintage Dior glasses. So fun!
                                               Beautiful Book of Erte

Thursday, 25 June 2009

Gucci Galore: Next Stage. Letting go

We been ROBBED!! Well not exactly, but in a way it sure does feel like it. We opened our doors only for pre sale today 3 hours of invite guests only. These people came they saw and MAN did they conquer! The bags were the first to go. Women stacked up four on each arm, eyes circling widely for more. One lucky lady, the calmest of the bunch I must say, quietly picked through (her boyfriend there for moral and extra arm support) and pretty much single handedly bought up the whole joint. By the end of her visit she had racked up a ridiculous amount of bags as well as snagging some great jewelry, jackets and a custom made fur. By the end of it (again only 3 hours!) The room was a different place. Where beloved designer pieces once stood now one could only see bare walls. Everything was slightly stripped, I felt oddly empty, and could swear the room had an echo I hadn't heard before... The buddha in me had to take over and help me to learn, yet again another lesson in letting go... I looked around this once full room of Gucci and thought.... I miss them and.... we have another 3 days of this?! Not to worry, I reorganized, let go of the old and realized all is not lost!! Tomorrow is another day!

                                            End of the day: jewelry case
               Bags Bags where have yee gone: Tricia Mourning our loss
                            The girl who had it all: One ladies treasures
                                     Shed a little light: New perspective
                               Reorganizing: All is DEFINITELY not lost

Who can be sad when you still have a room full of Gucci shoes all in your size!

Fondly Farrah

                                     Let's always remember her like this.

Memorable Michael