Thursday, 29 October 2009

Shop NYC: In God We Trust (Thank the Lord!)

This is Rachel. (Isn't she too cute?)
Rachel is a dancer and studies yoga in addition to being an extremely lovely shop girl at one of my favorite shops. In God We Trust. See their gorgeous site and all their locations here. I have been a long time fan of this store, one for it's really beautiful and calming aesthetic and also (of course) because of it's AMAZING inventory. Shop Owner Shana Tabor keeps her place always immaculate and always chocked full of great finds.

What a perfect little jumper. Pair it with a pair of ribbed wool tights and you're set for these chilly months ahead.

My dog just chewed my very loved vintage driving gloves to shreds... These little buttery beauties look like they will be the perfect replacement. Thanks Rocko, I wanted an excuse to buy something new!
I had a friend of mine tell me that I need to think about the boys sometimes and right you are dear David (I can sometimes be so selfish!) and what perfect timing. In God We Trust is one of my favorite shops for men's. I particularly love their cardigans and coats as well their great selection of men's accessories ie: gloves, ties, hats and scarfs. Enjoy.

The Williamsburg store (below) has become known as being the "markdown" location with some really amazing deals! Last seasons still perfectly hip long leather gloves for $40 dollars?! That's right you heard me. & I love thier little cheeky signs "$20 what what" Who are they me?
Go and visit one of their locations STAT! Tell them Taryn sent you and you get 10% off any Non sale item! I never knew how "Godly" I could be! Happy shopping!

~taryn x

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

2 Guys from Kenya

Last week I was riding my bike through in the West Village and passed these two gents hanging out on the stoop of a brownstone. Being a typical born and bred NYker I smiled and rode right past thinking nothing of it.... a block later I thought wait a second...... I rode back around and asked if I could take a picture of them. The colors were so beautiful and vibrant on the clear sunny crisp day. The blue of the sky mixing with the reds of the fabric, the dark forrest green of the front door all complimented by the jack o lantern in the window. We got to chatting (after the one guy hung up his mobile phone) and they are actually in NY by way of Texas, shooting a new show for National Geographic called "2 guys for Kenya" (if the name sticks) due to air this spring. I'll have my eyes open to see these two again for sure.

~taryn xx

Monday, 26 October 2009

Hair Hair

Super cool chic at the the Dsquared eyewear launch party. She's a hairstylist (surprise surprise). She did this herself. Pretty incredible work no?

Saturday, 24 October 2009

Man of EVERY Hour

Name the last time this man (Alber Elbaz) ever got it wrong. Do it, I dare you. This line is genius as is it's creator. To touch these masterpieces just makes me swoon. Loving the shoes, in the 2nd photo in particular.

Lanvin Spring 2010


Kenzo Spring 2010

2 of my favorite looks from Kenzo this spring


Window to the Soul

image: by Ari Marcopoulos (cropped not full image)

Friday, 23 October 2009

Thursday, 22 October 2009

Shop NYC Anna's is Banana's

This is my beautiful friend Kimberly

She works at the ever fabulous store Anna in NYC

They are known to always have a few pieces in a signature stripe, my favorite this visit being this ridiculously soft & perfect t shirt dress.

I am loving their accessories by 3 Turtle Dove (which is the line of a girl who works in the shop called Heather) and Reverie (which mixes vintage and new)

I love this necklace by 3 Turtle Dove so much it makes my belly hurt a little

Owner and Designer Kathy Kemp has really created an East Village staple. The store has staying power and for good reason. It's fantastic. I especially love all of Kathy's dresses. They are so wearable, chic and comfy as well as extremely versatile. These really are dresses for "every girl" no matter your size or style. Kathy's dresses can be worn by so many types of women. Guaranteed you'll find AT LEAST one item you can't live with out.

And the A** kicker? They ALWAYS have a half priced bin!! So even if your wallet is a bit slim you don't have to walk away empty handed!

Oh Anna we heart you! Stop by and visit! Anna is @ 150 E. 3rd street in NYC. near Ave A. 212.358.0195 Tell Them Taryn Sent You and you get an extra 10% off anything in the store!! Merci to Kathy and the girls at Anna!

~taryn xo