Thursday, 1 October 2009

Without Wang

I feel as though I have been away for so long. Busy busy in this here crazy city. Shooting and working The thing I am most excited about are the insane sales with everyone ridding their stores of the last of their summer gear I find this is the best time to stock up on the Basics. I have been in desperate need of yummy cotton t's and tanks for layering and everyday wear. Last weekend while shopping for my beau (yes there is a new beau!) I entered Barney's coop for the first time in a long time. I try to stay away when I am trying to be frugal be cause I feel as though if given half the chance I would buy up the whole shop. So while I have the beau in the dressing room trying on my selects for him (a beautiful Marc Jacobs sport jacket, a gant button down, Paul Smith slacks) I non chalantly..... (read: in cold desperate sweats) peruse the women's and fall in love once again with, among many other things that I refuse to even let myself look at (focus!!) the Wang... Alexander that is. They are perfect for me, yummy juicy soft cotton t back tanks and t's some long some short all priced around 80 bucks. My friend has a couple of his t-shirts that she is actually quite disappointed in. She told me that she was finding rips and holes after the 1st hand wash! So I heed this comment, check my wallet, hold in my heart and move on. I am determined in my search so I go to my frugal basic go to's.... and am tickled to find at Banana Republic, basically direct knock offs of the wangs in the perfect black white and taupe colors for... get this. $16 bones (on sale) for the tank and $34 for the "dress". and 100% beautiful cotton t's for... wait for it. $7 bucks! I am in heaven. I stock up and 2 full bags later I am thanking the shopping gods. I pop in next door to Jcrew and pick up from the sale rack 4 thin silk blend tanks for $14 dollars each. Bring it. Sorry Wang but this chick likes a bargain!

Hope you're all enjoying the fall weather! I think it's time to start bringing out those boots we discussed!

xx taryn

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