Friday, 12 June 2009

Circa this Circa that Circa Now

One of my favorite shops, Circa Now carries new and vintage clothing, shoes and accessories for women. At first glance the selection here may seem limited, as the racks are not chock full of stuff. But once you have a look around you come to realize the beauty and genius of this little gem of a shop. All the items they carry are so carefully and thoughtfully selected that every piece that hangs or sits here is well worth it's worthy. I especially love their selection of denim and I always find a bit or a bauble that I can't live with out. They carry a terrific bathing suit line "Rockaway Beach" that is owned by a high school friend of mine and fellow native NYker. Way to represent! It doesn't hurt that store owner, Nicole is extremely helpful and sweet as pie! They also have a new shop called "Court" located on Mulberry that I will check out this weekend. If it's anything like Circa (which of course it will be) It will soon become another one of my haunts.

                                   Circa Now 238 E.6th st. 212 254 2555


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