Thursday, 25 June 2009


Peculiar day. Moments before we opened for Pre sale we heard the news while listening to some "oldies goldies" station. I had this funny feeling as I listened. Like a part of my childhood was dying. Like I had suddenly grown older in just a moment. Odd feelings that I can't place, remembering the Michael Jackson of my childhood Thriller, Off the Wall, Bad, We are the world (yeah I said it, and what? You know it made you cry in 5th grade). Memories of reenacting Michael's video's and dance moves in my bedroom with my older brother (and SERIOUSLY showing him up I might add). Connecting that with the Michael we have grown to know. The Michael of court rooms and child molestation cases, of Jacko and hanging babies out of hotel windows...And on the same day Farrah Fawcett, an iconic beauty that also became something quite different than her famed persona. Both these deaths so tragic and strange. I need to drink some tequila and watch some old MTV videos... and call my brother...

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