Sunday, 14 June 2009

Boots in the Hood

Maulin Landaeus has a prime location in Williamsburg right on N.6th off Bedford avenue. She opened this shop after having a successful stall in the flea market Artists and Fleas just down the block on 6th towars the water. I gotta say this woman can throw together and outfit. She has that impeccable swedish thrift, funky, cool look DOWN (I didn't get a picture of her as she is in Sweden at the moment). She is often around the shop to give her advice and suggestions of what and how to pair things. I have also been in there when scouts and buyers from Urban Outfitters are sifting through and bagging up her stuff to knock off and mock up. The thing is, the clothes tend to be very specific to her taste, with a whole mess of throw backs from the 80's that is all the rage with "the kids" today and that I for one just can't/won't rock. Her prices on some items are also to be questioned..... Just because something may be passed off (with the right flair and styling) as vintage Ives Saint Laurent, does not make it such. For example I picked up an interesting looking cotton tunic "y" top priced at $90 dollars that at closer look was French Connection from a few years back... Really not worthy of that price tag and it's not as if old French Connection can be considered a vintage "designer" piece. Having said that, I appreciate Maulin's eye and unique taste and think the woman looks flawless herself. And on an up side she always has a very varied selection of vintage leather boots in a large assortment of sizes. I have bought a couple of pairs from her before. Also if you are looking for something specific (ie: I was looking for lace up brown leather boots in my size) she will pop into her storage in the back and surprisingly come back with just what you asked for... I have seen this happen on more than a couple occasions. I am also fond of her large inventory of Erica Weiner Jewelry of which I think is really fun Erica Weiner Jewelry . If you're in the "hood" (Williamsburg) you may as well check it out. It's right by the L Bedford station.

                       Maulin Landaeus 155 N. 6th st. (just off Bedford)

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