Monday, 1 June 2009

Burberry Burberry make me a drink

         Back home from spending 2 months in London, I am arriving just in time for some good old NYC fun. We braved the misty and humid evening to attend the celebration of the lighting of the new Burberry "monument" in midtown. The party proved to be well worth the water stained shoes and slightly frizzy hair. My one complaint would be the lack of a proper bar and the therefore frequent need for me to accost the the champagne carrying wait staff (hey a lady needs her cocktail!) but honestly, who could really complain about a night a top the Palace Hotel and the start of summer in NY?                                                    
                                                      Pre Ilumination
                                            Lights, action and closer still
                                            My handsome "plus one"                                        The entertainment "One Night Only"                                                 And a little "B" for me...


vignaesh ram said...
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triciabenitez said...

the super duper hotness.... seriously.