Saturday, 27 June 2009

"The Gooch"

So I was trying to be all "Zen" about this sale, but seeing all the ladies come in with their beaming faces, buying up all "The Gooch" (as one of my friends clients refers to the Gucci as... Love her!) I couldn't take it anymore. I finally broke and started buying up things for myself. I may be working this sale but it may also serve as the reason I go broke! These are just a few but I plan to get down to some serious business tomorrow when we go HALF PRICE on almost everything!!

               Same ones in brown! They may have to be mine as well.

                                   And this I shall call my "Paris" Coat
                                         Vintage Dior glasses. So fun!
                                               Beautiful Book of Erte

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TZW said...

Ok, i'm totally kicking myself for missing this. Waaahhhhhh!