Monday, 10 May 2010

Paris Shops: Chine Machine

and #22
You can find the amazing
Chine Machine has awesome vintage with really reasonable prices and a ton of personality! There is a good mix of merchandise here and a pretty lot of it so you may have to spend some time flipping through but it's TOTALLY worth it! We spent hours here chatting with the incredible shop girl who, just to rub it in my one language speaking face spoke 3, including sparkling perfect English damn you (but thank you!!) you beautiful, friendly and trilingual woman! We had a ton of fun here in and out of the dressing room and found some real gems.
Don't miss checking out the downstairs as well
I had my eye on this yummy little Lanvin.
and these silk harem pants
and any store that has a selection of fishnet body stockings gets a thumbs up from me!! Meow.
Stop by Chine Machine in Monmarte, you are sure to be happy you did! Tell Taryn Sent You!! Happy Shopping!
~taryn x

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ambika said...

This honestly looks like heaven to me. I love vintage shopping, especially when it's a bit of a treasure hunt.