Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Paris Shops: Brocante

Here's another reason why I love Paris (as if I needed more). We were roaming around Montmarte, I had a couple of leads on cool shops and wanted to revisit some I had been to before but could only slightly remember where exactly they were. So I planned for a bit of roaming, which in Paris is more of a pleasure than an inconvenience. You get to see beautiful architecture, meet interesting people, stop for a glass of wine when the old "pieds" need a rest and best of all you have the opportunity to stumble upon something like this.

Walking down
We came across this little treasure!
at first I wasn't sure if it was open, or what exactly it was in fact. Although as I squinted my eyes to peer inside I saw the sweet and welcoming face of the shop owner beckoning me in.
Once inside I was beyond words. It was like standing inside an antique museum. Every where I looked there was something beautiful and interesting to hold my attention. It is a wonderful resource for any Vintage Shopper, Wardrobe/Jewelry Designer or Costumer. First my eyes went right to this pin cushion stabbed to it's capacity with a sparkly plethora of gorgeous brooches and pins.
Then I almost stumbled over myself to get to these. Leather button up leg ware?? I practically busted open the victorian buttons so I could try and fit them around my ham hock sized legs. As I did I looked over at the sweet and gracious shop owner who said in a polite and lovely chuckle, Madmoiselle, c'est pour les enfants..." Oh sheesh! Yes, yes of course for "les enfants", for children. Right. Rats, not another reason to have a baby, note to self HAVE A BABY. Ok what's next?
a box of vintage hats and cloches?? YES! Thank you that will do! Scratch the baby! No have the baby AND take the leather leggings. Aiy! My brain is just too confused with all these beautiful things!!!
and then... Oh glory. This hat was just too divine. The site of it calmed me.
There are also drawers and drawers full of beautiful antique knitting and sewing notions, buttons, pins, thread and other necessities.
A case filled with gorgeous victorian head combs, pins, earrings and more.....
To be honest, my head was spinning from all of the amazing things in Brocante I feel my pictures hardly do it justice. It's just one room but I could have spent the whole day there. Brocante will definitely be on my list of shops to frequent whenever I visit Paris. If you have the chance I would definitely seek this place out.
and here's where to find it
"Tell Them Taryn Sent You"! You can say, you know, the frantic American girl with the camera who was drooling all over everything!

Gros Bisous!
~taryn xx


The Photodiarist said...

Taryn! You are making me wanna get on a plane right now to Paris!

Hermione said...

Wow, your trip to Paris looks truly amazing! So cool the way you go there and grab all that's offered! Awesome. Great shots. Great Blog. The inspiration seems soaring! Keep up the good work.

Blog love!

P R I M O E Z A said...

i would die if i went there! it looks seriously amazing.

Artist said...

The photos are just amazing. Paris is wonderful, I love Paris.

Bijou's Style said...

wow this place looks so amazing!

Couture Millinery Atelier. said...

Oh, Lord!!! This little store is filled with treasures! Just look at all those fabulous hat pins!:-)I wil make sure to visit this little store when in Paris next time.
Thank you for your wonderful, supportive comment under my "Worst Monday Ever" post. It took me a while to recover, this things do not happen to me often, not to mention all at once.I do not know what I was more upset about: my stitches or broken Prada shoe...It was a tough week. I am wishing you wonderful Mother's Day and hope it will be filled with beautiy and love!:-)

Teenysparkles said...

Hi! My mouth is practically watering looking at those pics of Brocante; I'm surprised you didn't lie down in all of those goodies, and make like you were swimming. (As I would have done). Happy travelling!

Anonymous said...

I stumbled upon your blog via random web browsing. Thank you for sharing your discoveries.