Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Inspiration: Jamie Nelson

This is Jamie Nelson
She's my friend... Well... She's my friend on facebook, we've never actually met, but I stalk her photo's sometimes and dream of a life where I am half as talented as she. Working in fashion can sometimes be a little daunting. There are times when I sigh to myself and think "is this REALLY art?" I know it's horribly judgmental of me to say and I don't exclude myself from the statement. Then here's this woman creating this incredible work that makes people swoon. This is it. This is the point. Try not to drool on your keyboard, she's amazing.

all images found on either her facebook page or her beautiful website.

If you know her or have the pleasure of meeting her "tell her taryn sent you"/says hi, and that stalking IS a form of flattery!

~taryn xx

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Couture Millinery Atelier. said...

She is brillinat! True artist and it does shine through every single picture...Fashion is, most certainly, art - I have no doubt in my mind. Your friend is a proof to this statement. Wishing you wonderful week.