Monday, 15 February 2010

Ch Ch Ch Changes!

Hello Lovelies.

Since the new year I have been grappling with many inner and personal changes. Mostly realizations about career, life goals and the like. For some time (read: all my life) I have wondered "what do I want to do with my life" Some people have always known what that specific thing is, I on the other hand have not had that experience. Throughout my life I have done MANY things and pretty much loved them all. Currently I am a fashion stylist and while I thoroughly enjoy my job I always find myself searching for more I dance, I draw, I write.... I have always loved fashion, art, beautiful things and the like. Although I have learned the thing that turns me on the most is seeing people live life to the fullest, however that pertains to them. I know that may sound general. I think the film "Man on a Wire" sums up my thinking perfectly. That movie makes me cry every time I watch it. A man with such passion. Although the actual act or performance is outlandish and some may say self indulgent, seeing someone with such utter hunger and complete commitment to his life's mission fills me with a crazy excitement.

Why am I indulging you in all this?? Sorry if I digress... I am getting to that! I have changed the "tag" of my blog. I wanted it to include more of the wonderful things that life involves. "Earthly Desires are Enlightenment" is a concept in the buddhism I study and brings up the idea that our desires are not something to be suppressed or denied (which as human beings we know is somewhat impossible) but when understood and approached from a Buddhist perspective our desires can actually lead us to enlightenment. You can read more about this in this wonderful article.

With that, please note the change and please keep checking in. I am really excited to keep exploring and sharing.

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nadia said...

i happen to stop here by accident, i am glad i did and read this post. i too watch man on the wire and get inspired, i have cried while watching and my husband does not get it? you do.i have been very fortunate in my career but have always felt i cluster other peoples passion and then display it. i have been doing a lot of such soul searching of what am i to do. people have there opinions based on the camera in my hand or the things i design it hard to tell them but that is just what i do not want i am..

thank you for putting me back on track to a more spiritual journey and self discovery.