Saturday, 19 September 2009

Summer into Fall.... The Transition

I had a friend of mine request that I write a post regarding this Seasonal Change and the circumstantial wardrobe confusion. Here in NY we are at that crux position between our balmy balmy summer and quite chilly fall. Along with the rising problem of our current global climate dilemmas this already challenging time of year has recently become even harder to outfit. So the story goes something like this:

We are, as we have been for months frolicking around in our little summer dresses, tanks, shorty short shorts and sandals (yes NY in the summer is a dream of sexy ladies scantly clad) and then BAM! you wake up and it's 50degrees. What the "bu" jesus to do?? Well, all of our storage situations are different, I know that in NY with our tiny apts we often opt to store our off season items with friends/family members who have real people houses that are not the size of shoe boxes but are often far from city reach attainable only by some highway or public transport of sorts, but I digress.... If you are fortunate enough to have ready access to your clothes or willing to take a trip, I recommend doing a partial transition:

In this process you want to start storing the bulk of your really summery items, this can be judged by fabric weight as well as color. You can still keep some dresses and tanks even shorts. You also want to go through your fall/winter items and do the same. It is not time to bust out your big puffy down, but grab some of your blazers and lighter weight jackets, leggings long sleeve tops and trousers. This time is all about layering. Wear your favorite summer dress, but throw on your jean jacket/blazer and a light weight scarf. Wear a skirt with leggings/tights or a flowy summer tank with a long sleeve layer underneath. I suggest that if you are wearing layers on top ie: a jacket and a scarf leave your legs bare and vice versa I mean come on it 'ain't THAT cold. My least favorite thing is when people push a season, You know that guy at the first sign of spring is out in Tevo's (Yikes) and shorts. The great thing about layers is that you can also take them off if the day warms up which it often does. I request you do not yet bring out the winter boot. If you have light color leather boot or booties great! but it is not time for the high heavy black boot, a fur boot, a snow boot or anything of the like. It's September not November and we have a long and laborous winter ahead of us, we need to keep some of our winter fashions under wrap to give us something to look forward to! This process is also great in that if we are hit with a random 80degree day you are still covered.

I hope this helps! Please feel free to post questions!! Happy transitioning/layering and please don't forget to check The Daily Weather Report in Your Area so you're not left out in the cold... or the heat!


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