Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Paris Shops: Mercy, Merci!

Prepare to feast you eyes on the beautiful Merci!

You can find this marvel of a shop in the 3rd Arr. @ number 111 on
just at the corner of Rue Du Pont Choux

So here's the story behind this fantastic place they call Merci as I heard it. Ah hem. So, basically the daughter of the family owned Bonpoint sold the business and with that money opened up this fabulous Boutique! In a desire to "give back" all of Merci's proceeds go to charity (except for what it takes to upkeep and run it I would assume). Which should help to ease the guilt you may experience due to to the inevitable damage you will do to your wallet here! This ain't your average charity shop. Merci carries top designers such as: Vanessa Bruno, Isabel Marant, YSL, and APC... to name a few. There are 3 floors of incredible (if not exactly fugal) shopping here including Women's, Men's and Children's apparel, a Home Store, a Flower Shop, a Parfumerie, Accessories, Shoes and Furniture. I know, I know it's kind of a wonderland!

My beautiful friend Lee (who was introducing me to this shop) arranged to meet me in the cafe on the first floor. Before we got down to business Lee had a cafe creme and I downed a mix of fresh fruit juice (yum!) to fuel up. Directly after we walked upstairs to scope things out. We immediately gravitated to the expansive women's clothing section (of course)!
Then I got distracted...Oh no, oh wait. What is this? It can't be. Don't let me do it! Don't let me touch it. If I touch it, I swear I may just go running out of here in a frantic fashion frenzy and not look back! Someone please, move me away from this rack!
Oh sheesh... I think we are going to have a problem here....
Jacket by Swilden (above)

I was also loving this line
and when I saw how they tagged their clothes
dress for dress, jacket for jacket, shirt for shirt. It just put me over the edge. Too sweet! I fell in love with this one!
among other things...

and then when I thought I couldn't possibly desire any more. Out of the corner of my eye I see this
I thought my super natural shopping powers were trying to tell me something. There's vintage in the gosh darn house people!

I wanted this
and this
again.... among other things....

The Home section is a dream
and we found these rolled up/rip off napkins and place mats to be so clever!

The children's section is packed with well, Bonpoint of course! A short little stroll through here had my empty womb calling out to me to go and get myself knocked up immediately! The clothes are just too adorable. Lee was asking if they had things in her size! I just started looking around for a potential baby daddy...

Every thing here is laid out and merchandised in such an appealing way. You really just want to wonder around, look and unfortunately for whomever is footing the bill, buy everything. Because there really isn't much you CAN'T buy at Merci! Including molded face masks?!
a selection from the parfumerie
gorgeously arranged little bundles from the flower shop
and some
Yeah sure, ok, why not? If you can wrap that up I'll take that too!

On the way out Lee spotted a little grill that you can attach to your car/terrace to BBQ outside (is that legal??) Hopefully we will give it a whirl and find out next week!
No matter what you're looking for stop by Merci! and Tell Them Taryn Sent You! Honk honk and Happy trails! Bisous.
~taryn xx


Mila said...

oooooh wow!
this looks crazy beautiful!
i want to buy some beautiful stuff right now...



I love paris...this shop is incredible...fabuloussssss

The Photodiarist said...

I plan to visit Paris in the fall. I am so checking this place out when I come!

photohogger said...

So fun! I want to shop, now!
Found your blog through The Sartoralist - mainly because I love that you're one of the two that picked out the BROWS on the girl in one of his photos!