Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Tweet That...

I remember when BIRD first opened in my "hood" and I was so super excited, I have been wanting to post about it ever since. First off the space itself is just so pleasant to be in. Open and airy, organic, yet modern. It's packed with beautiful things yet because of the expert merchandising you never feel overwhelmed. Another key component is the incredible people that work there. Every time I have come in whether is as a customer or when I came in to take pictures I have been treated with such earnest kindness. I really adore visiting and shopping here @

I frequent the location on Grand street between Bedford


It really is a beautiful shop

but let's get down to the nitty gritty. Here are a couple of things I may have to smack someone down for....

Leather leg warmers... say what?

Get yourself in one of these dressing rooms immediately and try on some of these killer threads!
Here are the other locations
Didn't catch that? OK:

Cobble Hill
220 Smith street BK,NY 11201 718.797.3774

Park Slope
316 fifth avenue BK,NY 11215 718.768.4940

203 Grand street BY,NY 11211 718.388.1655
you can also visit their website

and the Williamsburg "ole hour"s
Tell them Taryn Sent you! Happy Shopping
~taryn xx


Hermione said...

Hey, turns out we used to be neighbors pretty much! How funny. I love Bird. I always used to walk by, go in, sigh, and walk out. Next time I'm a Billyburger I'm gonna make sure to have a larger wallet! Thanks for your great comment, I'm gonna give you a shout out on my blog now I decided. Much blog love!

taryn said...

How crazy! Well anytime your back for a visit be in touch!

Thanks for the "blog love" and right back at ya!


Hermione said...

Definitely will! xx