Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Shop NYC: Hallelujah Alya!

Remember my friend Alya? The sexy mastermind behind the custom made leather goods of ABK. I am absolutely tickled to announce that she has just this week opened up her own store!
Nestled on an unassuming street (yet a serious up and coming little neighborhood). Alya has created a little santuary of creative design. You could practically miss it strolling by. With just some plants poking out from the store front I almost mistook it for an herb shop, which is quite charming actually. Everything about the shop is gorgeous, rustic and inviting. Stripped down to it's bare bones it feels like a well lit, cozy and warm old work room. It just reeks of old school charm.

ABK NYC 105 Henry street
(between Rutgers and Broadway) closest train the F to East Broadway
Open Weds-Sun 12-7pm
Mon&Tues by appointment only

All of Alya's leather work is hand made and hand dyed making each piece unique and genuine. Because of the nature and quality of the leather and her expert handy work these are items you will have and cherish your whole life.

Alya also sells beautiful hand knits from her home town of Belarus
I go gaga for the shoes! I must have at least one pair.
Hmm..... but which ones? They are all so delectable!
Oh Love Love!

The Beautiful crafts women hard at work

I commented on how I loved the look of the pots and the tarnished christmas tree decorations on the floor. These too are all for sale. Alya said that she wanted everyone to feel that they could leave with something. Even if the pricer custom made items are a bit out of your range you can still take a little piece of ABK with you by buying a ornament or a book or a vintage pot! I love this in that it gives such a warm and welcoming feeling.

Congratulations Alya! I am super excited! Go visit and tell Alya "Taryn sent you" and you get 10% off anything in the store! Happy shopping and "Dasvidaniya"!

~taryn xx


Style Scanner said...

They just look so wonderfully different to an 'off the rack' shoe - I think if I tried a hand made shoe I'd never look back...

Alya B.K said...

taryn, darling,
you are absolutely wonderful!!! thank you for the post!!!!

Ashley said...

I like her presentation, very organic.


Ellinor Stigle said...

See the most beautiful dog harness in the works - by ABK.